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Liam is 3!!

Last week, our son had his 3rd birthday.

Can you say, WHAA?!

It’s hard to believe time can fly so fast. We’re three years into this journey, and he has made such a mark. Life has forever changed because of our sweet kid. He is such a happy, observant, creative Goose. He is a kind and caring big brother. He is so affectionate to each person in his family, loves snuggles (and wrestling, of course), and gives fantastic compliments out of nowhere (he told me this morning that I am his best favorite mom in the world). Liam is super imaginative and can have fun with anything. His language skills have grown in leaps and bounds this year, and it is so fun to listen to his ever-expanding vocabulary. My mother-in-law has commented on how well he conjugates 😉

He is one cool kid, and we are SO proud.

This year, we had a  “3” party. He’s been looking forward to turning three for quite a while (there were a few months when he thought he was 3 instead of  2), so it seemed appropriate and simple.

We had a family get together at our house with food, balloons and streamers, and cake (having friends at the birthdays may enter the equation next year).

Displayed pictures from the previous year

Pictures from his 3rd year of life

Cantaloupe and honey dew cut into 3's with a cookie cutter

Cantaloupe and honey dew cut into 3’s with a cookie cutter

Liam and cousin Sierra playing with his new work bench

Liam and cousin Sierra playing with his new work bench

Exploring with binoculars

Exploring with binoculars

The birthday cake masterpiece! Chocolate bundt cakes with cool whip and chopped peanut butter cups

The birthday cake masterpiece! Chocolate bundt cakes with cool whip and chopped peanut butter cups

Blowing out the candles

Blowing out the candles

His less-than-interested photo op

His less-than-interested photo op expression

The annual kissing cheeks  picture :)

The annual kissing cheeks picture 🙂

Previous birthday kissing pictures can be found here and here.

I let myself get so stressed about not making an awesome, go-all-out party with homemade everything, but at the party he announced it was “the best birthday I ever had”. It was a reminder to me check who I am really throwing these parties for. Cut yourself some slack, Mamas 🙂



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Homemade Kid Clothes

My kids are incredibly blessed to have such talented grandmothers. Since Christmas, Liam and Ellis have been enjoying several things made for them.

DSC01511First is oh-so-cute tutu that Omi made for the girl. (not pictured: matching cousin Genevieve)

m c 2

Ellis was also fortunate enough to receive such a fun little skirt from her Mimi (not pictured: matching cousins Sierra and Lily)


The boy was so excited to get his very own Batman cape (made by Omi) and matching mask (made by his wonderful aunt Merrill). Batman doesn’t smile when he’s got so much crime to fight, of course.

christmas card 4Luckily for us, it’s  become a tradition for my  mom to make matching Christmas jammies for all of  her grandchildren. Currently, there are 8 kids (the 3 not pictured-Maggie, Ben, and Tobias- are in Burundi).

With talent like that from both lines, I think it’s safe to say it runs in the family! Thank you, Omi and Mimi!

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Big Bed

Our big boy’s 2nd birthday marked another milestone…the transition out of his crib and into his big bed!

When we started changing things in Liam’s room, we brought in the twin bed that lived in our den once upon a time. We worked on talking up the graduation to a big boy bed on his 2nd birthday. Liam spent time jumping, playing, reading, and pretend sleeping on his new bed.





Apparently, we were successful in communicating when he would sleep in his new bed! Every time we asked how old he was going to be on his birthday, he answered “big bed”. We decided to transition him the night of his party last weekend since he thought that was his actual birthday (which also happened to be daylight savings time).

We went through all the same routines and read a book about Elmo spending the night in his big boy bed. We told him how proud we were and put him down.


Can you believe it?!

When I came to get him the next morning, he was so happy and proud that he woke up in his bed!



Nap time didn’t go quite as smoothly, but latching the door did the trick (since he hasn’t figured out how to open it yet). We’re about 4 or 5 days in now, and still…no tears! I’m so thankful…and proud. I think the Lord knew I don’t have the energy to battle right now. 🙂




Way to go, big kid!!


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Liam is two!!

Well, technically he’s not two until Tuesday the 12th…but the fam came to celebrate yesterday so I thought I’d share a few highlights!

First, let me just  say that I can’t believe he’s been in our lives for two years! On the one hand, two whole years is a long time; on the other, it feels like he’s been part of my life for a lot longer. It’s hard to see him growing up so fast, but I know it will be helpful as baby Ellis arrives. For any of you who know Liam, you realize that knowing him is loving him. He is one of the most happy, sweet, gentle, and fun-loving kids you will ever meet (not to mention, intelligent 😉 ). I am so honored that God saw fit for me to be his mom–sometimes I can scarcely take it in.

Okay, it’s on to the celebration! Liam LOVES Thomas the Train (what is it about him?) So, against my personal preferences, we had a Thomas birthday.


My sister, Mariah, found a way cute, more complicated version of this online and I decided to make my own simpler cupcake train.


I drew a paper track for the train to rest on and then attached Oreo cookies to the sides of store-bought cupcakes (that’s right…no time-consuming baking for this pregnant mama!) with peanut butter (Strange? Maybe. But it worked!). A few lettered candles and, bam, we’re done!

Liam LOVED it. Interestingly, Thomas was more tempting to him (slightly) than the cookies and cupcake! He was one patient boy from when he woke up from nap until the party started.

Here are few shots of the birthday boy eating dinner and opening (and enjoying) a few of his gifts:






Cousin Sierra was a great help in teaching Liam how to blow out birthday candles.


And, now, for the long awaited Thomas…


Just the three of us:


Last but not least–the annual kissing picture!


Here are the one year and three week old pictures for reference 🙂



It was a sweet time. Thanks to all the family who were there to celebrate! (We missed you, Buckle, Ton-Ton, Aunt Jena, Chuncle, Uncle Eric, Aunt Rachel, Maggie, and Ben!)


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Fall Fun

This weekend, our family went to the Rippavilla Plantation in Spring Hill. It was Liam’s first experience with a corn maze and hayride! There was live folk music, pumpkin painting, a bonfire (with hot chocolate), and the weather was just beautiful!

Here’s the boy, scoping out the pumpkin options.

We tried to get a picture of Liam as a scarecrow…

…but he’s not so interested.

He loved seeing Daddy as one, though!

On to the corn maze!

Liam had a little trouble with the bumpy paths. 😦 (And, no, we didn’t make it through the whole maze.)


Mommy and Liam

Daddy and Liam enjoying the view of the hay riders driving by.

Then, it was our turn on the hay ride. Liam loved it.

No, really! He loves tractors so much, he was just quietly taking it all in 🙂

Hay ride family shot.

A perfect way to celebrate the best things of fall!


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Liam Happenings

Speaking of parenting, I was thinking that it’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys on the life of this little goose:

Liam is 18 months old now, and couldn’t be busier! Here are some of his favorite activities these days.

“Driving” the car and doing his “Strong Man”

Liam is all boy. He LOVES cars, trucks, and lawn mowers, and thinks he’s big stuff when he’s sitting in the driver’s seat. We really need to get him a Little Tyke car. He would sit in it for hours.

This kid looks like he will literally pop a vein in his neck when he shows us his “strong man”. It’s so funny and we really don’t know where he got it from. We’ve got some videos of his trick, but I haven’t been able to successfully load videos to WordPress for free.

Running around the house after his bath

It never fails, Super Nakey Boy shows up after every bath. With his towel as a cape, he runs through the house with so much energy! I realize this is common for kids his age, but it’s still cute. Also, note the belly–no wonder it throws off his center of gravity. 😉

Pulling clothes out of my dresser and “helping” me fold laundry

This is probably one of the best (and worst) things about kids. They like to help with everything. And while it can sometimes make frustrate my plans to get things done, it’s definitely a good reminder to find joy in the little things.

Playing with toys…and his pet

Though some of his favorite toys are not toys at all, Liam still loves to play with books, puzzles, his play drum, dupo blocks, and stuffed animals.

SAD NEWS: Lola hasn’t been home in a month. She is an indoor/outdoor cat and has disappeared once before but came home on her own after a week. She disappeared this time when we were out of town overnight. I am so sad, and Liam misses his buddy, but I’ve realized there is only so much you can do to control a cat that roams the outdoors. I’d like to think she is being fed and cared for by a sweet, lonely lady who disregards Lola’s collar and tag. This is the last picture we have of them together–sweet even though Liam doesn’t look too happy.

Feeding himself

Another fun milestone. It amazes me how he can make such a mess, but he sure does love the challenge! He’s also really interested in trying to reach water from the fridge with his little cup (just goes to show you, they’re always watching you).

He’s also really been adding to his vocabulary lately. Oddly enough, he has a slight obsession with letters, particularly “o”.

One thing is for sure, life is fun for a toddler!


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Jonathan and I are first time parents.

I can say without hesitation that last year and a half of our lives has started us on the most challenging and wonderful adventure of our lives. It really is such a joy and a privilege to be Liam’s mom. He’s an amazing kid.

We take our job very seriously, and it’s sobering to think about the impact you can have on a little life. Since we dreamt of having children, but particularly in recent months (as Liam is gaining independence and understanding), we’ve been discussing what sort of parents we want to be (a parenting model, of sorts) and have come across some fantastic resources (Including our own amazing parents!).

One blog that I have encountered is When You Rise. Even though I’m not a very arts-n-crafts kind of personality, she has a lot of great activity ideas to help your children comprehend what you’re saying. What I really love about her, though, is her Gospel-Centered Parenting concept. I knew I really liked this girl’s blog, but I decided I loved it, when I saw her response to this question.

She brings up some thought-provoking questions, like What is the difference between moral parenting and Christian parenting? And that has gotten us thinking, Is having obedient, well-mannered children our end goal?

For us, the answer is a resounding NO.

Do I want my child to be respectful and obedient? Absolutely. But I think if I’m not careful, I can teach my son that the outward appearance is more important than the heart motive. I don’t want him to learn to “pull himself up by his bootstraps”, look within himself, and do better next time. I want him to rely on the God who loves us, died for us, and creates real and lasting change from the inside. It’s subtle (especially in childhood situations), but there’s a difference. God is the One who does it. Not me. Not Daddy. Not Liam.

I’ve also been privileged to be a part of a Moms’ group that meets on a weekly basis. We’re studying a curriculum called Spiritual Parenting. We’re still early in the study, but I’m so encouraged to see a lot of similar themes to what Jonathan and I have been discussing at home.

One of the author’s points is that we should be praying that our children would learn  to 1) discern God’s voice among the many, 2) desire to obey that voice, and 3) do it in God’s power. The more I’ve thought about it, I really agree. God’s goals for Liam are consistent with (and better than!) my own. If my son learns to love God and wants to obey him, he will learn to obey his parents and respect others.

The amazing thing is, if I really let these things sink in, the pressure to be the perfect parent is off me! I just need to direct Liam to God (though that’s not always as simple as it sounds) so that he can experience Him for himself.

I also know that we have a lot more learning to do.

Let it be so.


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