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Ellis is One!!

Where has the time gone?

This little peanut is one year old TODAY:


If life goes fast with the first child, it flies with the second!

At one year, Ellis is walking with push toys, standing alone for seconds, has cut four teeth and is adding curls to her hair with each day!

I love this girl so much. She is so dainty and sweet with an undeniably curious side. I catch her doing so many things her brother never would have at this age–dragging toilet paper across the bathroom, trying bugs and slugs (and anything else she can find outside), climbing chairs, couches, and stairs like a pro, and making a beeline to the sound of running bath water. You can find her with her thumb in her mouth at any given moment, and she has the cutest vocabulary of babble.

Though today is the day we mark one year with our Ellis girl, last Saturday morning was when we celebrated. We had family over for a pancake party. The pancakes were yummy, the weather was gorgeous, and the girl was adorable. It was a sweet celebration.

The grub, including strawberries, bananas, chocolate chips, sprinkles, pecans, and coconut toppings.

The grub, including: strawberries, bananas, chocolate chips, sprinkles, pecans, and coconut toppings

The photo collage

The photo collage

The birthday girl seated in her place of honor.

The birthday girl seated in her place of honor

Hanging outside with cousins Lily and Wyatt

Hanging outside with cousins Lily and Wyatt

Watching in wonderas cousin Sierra opens her gifts

Watching in wonder as cousin Sierra opens her gifts for her

Enjoying her new Music Parade

Enjoying her new Music Parade

So proud to push baby in her stoller

So proud to push baby in her stoller

We are grateful God placed us with you, little girl! Happy Birthday!!


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When Things Don’t Go As Planned (aka Parenthood)

Let me tell you about a trip that didn’t go as planned. I believe this is what they call life.

Last week, our family packed up and headed to Memphis for a few days.

The hubs had a work training there, which meant all of his travel-related expenses work were compensated. And when we realized that my days off coincided with his training days, we thought we could take advantage of an opportunity for a cheap, mini-vacay.

I’d never been to Memphis, so I had fun looking into the free or cheap kid-friendly attractions. I was a little nervous about exploring a city with just myself and my two little ones, but I was getting excited about it. About a week before we were supposed to leave, we learned that his company paired him with a roommate–someone from a branch in Florida. Big bummer. The hotel was our largest expense. So, we debated it and decided we’d still go. I found a good deal on Hotwire.

We got there around 10pm on Monday night. The kids were in pretty good spirits, but a bit over tired seeing as it was hours after bed time. To make a long story short, the crib they promised us (twice) wasn’t available and the girl wouldn’t sleep. So, we packed up and moved hotels after midnight. It was about as much fun as it sounds.

Ellis slept pretty horribly for the majority of the trip. She was cutting a tooth. Our neighbors next door asked if we were the ones with the baby crying all night.

To make matters worse, I developed mastitis on Tuesday (uncommon at this point in the game, I know) and felt like I had the flu. I was definitely questioning if we made the “right” decision in coming.

I share all of this for two reasons. One, this is life with young kids (as every other parent can attest). I knew the trip wouldn’t be easy, but I underestimated how challenging it would be with two little wild cards. Everything is just a little trickier where kids are involved. After talking about it, we realize we need to adjust to the phase we’re in and see this trip as a way to pick up a few tricks for the next time around.

More importantly, though, this trip served as a microcosm of what parenthood is for me: learning to let go and trust Jesus. I’m not in control of my life the way I think I am. I like to stick to the plan and know the path ahead. But, there are so many extenuating circumstances over which I have no control. And in the midst of my stress and fear there is an invitation to be perfectly cared for and walk minute by minute, trusting. I am making progress. I’m not there yet.

Memphis wasn’t all bad. I think Liam had fun. The new hotel was a better location and fit for our time there. The kids slept beautifully the last night we were there. We had some great local food even though we didn’t manage to get to most of the places on my list. It was all provision for what we really needed.















Pictures include our time at The Memphis Firehouse Museum, Shelby Farms Park, The Memphis Zoo, and some sweet sibling love 😉


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