A Family Valentine Affair

{I’m a week late with this post, but I figure I’d still post–both for documenting reasons and to give ideas for those planning Valentine activities a year in advance 😉 }

This year was the first time we included the kiddos in our Valentine’s day plans. I don’t know whether it will become a tradition or not, but it seemed like a good choice given that it can be a difficult night to find a babysitter, most restaurants are booked up with reservations, and Liam’s interest in parties and holidays is piquing.

The beautiful flowers that Daddy and Liam picked out for their girls.

photo 3

I tried my hand at some heart-shaped food:

photo 1Homemade pizza with pepperoni cut in little hearts. The boy enjoyed decorating the pizza.

photo 2My heart carrots were pretty successful (using a vegetable peeler) but the hard boiled eggs didn’t quite work (I missed the point about folding the “mold” in half).
photo 4I can tell you that the highlight of someone’s night was heart-shaped Rice Krispy Treats. To be honest, this was Liam’s sole focus and it turned the dinner into a less-than-desirable event. Turns out, toddlers and sugar are not a great recipe!

The best part of the night was the impromptu dance party that followed dinner. For those of you with small kids, let me just tell you that the Raffi Pandora station makes for a fun time. 🙂

I’m not one for crafting all kinds of cutesy things, but I’m learning because it’s exciting to the little ones. All in all, a good first attempt, I think.




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