When in Doubt, Rearrange!

When we moved into this house over two years ago, I made a goal for myself. I wanted to keep the decorating somewhat fluid in order to keep things from becoming too stagnant. You see, I tend to make a home for things and then leave it that way for as long as I’m in that space. Not that anything is wrong with that, but I want to keep things new and fresher in our home.

Here’s a great way to get a fresh feel in your house without spending a dime:

Rearrange the furniture!

Recently, I was feeling the itch for something new in our den. However, our funds didn’t allow for much change. The more we talked, though, we realized that some of our frustration with the room was in the layout. The toys were right next to the back door, meaning that it was often difficult to get in and out of the house.

Just as a reminder, here’s where things were before:


DSCN1164We got our tape measurer out and came up with a new plan. And here’s where we landed:



DSCN0745When we first moved things around, I wasn’t totally sure if I liked it. But it’s really grown on me. We are really enjoying having the toys on the opposite side of the room. After we re-hang some things on the walls, the plan is to build a “mud area” next to the back door to alleviate some of the shoe and bag congregation (and figure out where to hide our router and wires).

DSCN0746The second room we changed up just a hair is the living room. We were in need of a rocking chair (for rocking the baby, of course) and found a really fun and unique one on Craigslist. It’s super comfy, and we plan to refinish it with a dark stain (perhaps).


DSCN0725Only one problem: we didn’t have room for it. The solution? Rearrange! After moving everything in the room almost 360 degrees (emptying the bookshelf would’ve been a smart idea), we ended up with almost the same set up.

As a reminder, this is the before:

DSCN1058And now:


DSCN0728The space between the living and dining areas feels much more open since we moved the khaki chair to the corner.

And now we have quite a few little projects lined up for ourselves:

1. Build a mud area in the den

2. Refinish the toy shelf in the den

3. Refinish our “new” rocking chair

Here’s to keeping things fresh! Stay posted!


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  1. Anonymous

    Perfect! And i love that the kids table is under the window-very cute!

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