DIY Wooden Shutters

If you keep up with my blog, you may remember when I removed and sold our green aluminum shutters from our house last spring. And after a year of waiting, we have shutters again, people!

Summer 2013…with wooden shutters:


Where we stood on moving day, August 2011:


This is post-shutter removal, Spring 2012:


I know, I know. We’re slow as molasses when it comes to updating the exterior of our little ranch, but that takes time and money. Neither of which we have much of these days.

To be fair, it didn’t take us a full year to tackle this project…just to complete it. (And another month after writing this post to take pictures of our house with shutters! Ha!) We measured our windows and decided on the style of shutter, buying the lumber we needed last fall. The guy at the home improvement store said we needn’t buy pretreated wood as long as we sealed the boards with paint or stain. We opted for a semi-transparent stain, Behr’s Cordovan Brown.

I even got out there (pregnant) to stain the boards in November, using a roller to paint the planks.


Then came the holidays, so the boards sat stacked on a chair under our carport. When it started to warm up again, we were gearing up to have a baby. So, there they sat…for months and months (can you tell it bothered me the most?) I can only hope our gracious neighbors didn’t harbor too many feelings of irritation with our mess. 🙂

After Ellis arrived, Jonathan had two weeks off from work to stay at home and help. Even though life inside our house was crazy enough, I started to get an itch to have things DONE outside our house. So, on his last day of paternity leave, his wonderful brother Michael came over and they put those babies up!

Here’s how she’s looking:





Not too bad, if we say so ourselves. The biggest bummer is that the third coat I applied (the one after hanging them) didn’t go on evenly and now it looks worse than before I stained it again 😦 Oh, well. You win some and lose some with DIY projects. One of these days I’ll get back out there and try to even things out.

Next up: tearing down that awning and building a pergola. In due time (translation: check back in another year).



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2 responses to “DIY Wooden Shutters

  1. If we decide to put shutters up again, I am definitely going with that style…for now (the last 2 years) I am really liking the look without shutters. Also if we put shutters up, I want some that actually are shutters (and by that I mean working shutter with a purpose). I am proud of you for staining those even when pregnant. That’s dedication.

    • Thanks Daniela! Part of why we decided to go with shutters again was because we had white paint from shutter painting the previous owners did on the brick that we couldn’t remove and we wanted to distract from it!

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