As Iron Sharpens Iron

Today marks the sixth wedding anniversary for the hubs and me!

As I reflect on this fact, it draws me to consider change. More specifically, change in myself. I tend to want to believe that I don’t change with time. Of course, that is ridiculous. Time changes you. Experience changes you. The hope is that, for me, these will be changes for the better. And not to make me a better person for me, but to turn me into a more accurate reflection of Christ. That is called refinement.

In my experience, marriage is extremely refining. 

We have had some painful moments in these six years. Moments that challenged the commitment we had to our marriage. But, as God is gracious, we worked hard through those situations, received some wonderful counseling, and are easily more in love today than the day we proclaimed our vows.


I love this man. He is my better half. He is giving, kind, and incredibly smart. When he comes home from a long day at work, he jumps in to help with dinner and kids immediately…every time. He loves to laugh and helps me to lighten up. He challenges me in my thinking. He makes me happy. He is a phenomenal father to our children.


I heard Jeff Bridges say once in an interview (when asked about the key to a long and happy marriage) that every marriage goes through hard times, but when you persevere and see those things through, the marriage becomes such a treasured and valuable thing that you never want to lose it.

No one else can feel the pain and joys that we’ve had so far on this journey. They belong to us. And I pray we have many, many more in years to come.

Happy Anniversary (and Father’s Day), Honey. I love you.


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