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E is for Ellis

My last project for the nursery is done, ladies and gentlemen!

This was a simple little thing that anyone could do. It would make a really sweet baby shower gift, too! My inspiration came from something I saw online. I thought it was adorable and knew I wanted to incorporate something similar into my plans.

All I needed was an 11×13 frame with matting (that I found at Goodwill for $2), a can of white spray paint, fabric scraps from the baby quilt and heart wall hanging, a glue stick to attach the fabric to the matting, and some simple paper to print out my creation.

The hubs and I designed the layout and he picked out the font (American Typewriter) which I absolutely love! Then, all we had to do was print and assemble.


We hung it above the peg coat rack (something we already had and just repainted to match the frame) next to the crib.




On the other side, we hung the sweet painting Aunt Merrill made for Liam’s nursery.




With each piece that goes on the wall, the room feels warmer and more complete. I am loving it.


Now all we need is a sweet baby girl to put in the room! Ahhh, patience. 🙂



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Big Bed

Our big boy’s 2nd birthday marked another milestone…the transition out of his crib and into his big bed!

When we started changing things in Liam’s room, we brought in the twin bed that lived in our den once upon a time. We worked on talking up the graduation to a big boy bed on his 2nd birthday. Liam spent time jumping, playing, reading, and pretend sleeping on his new bed.





Apparently, we were successful in communicating when he would sleep in his new bed! Every time we asked how old he was going to be on his birthday, he answered “big bed”. We decided to transition him the night of his party last weekend since he thought that was his actual birthday (which also happened to be daylight savings time).

We went through all the same routines and read a book about Elmo spending the night in his big boy bed. We told him how proud we were and put him down.


Can you believe it?!

When I came to get him the next morning, he was so happy and proud that he woke up in his bed!



Nap time didn’t go quite as smoothly, but latching the door did the trick (since he hasn’t figured out how to open it yet). We’re about 4 or 5 days in now, and still…no tears! I’m so thankful…and proud. I think the Lord knew I don’t have the energy to battle right now. 🙂




Way to go, big kid!!


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Liam is two!!

Well, technically he’s not two until Tuesday the 12th…but the fam came to celebrate yesterday so I thought I’d share a few highlights!

First, let me just  say that I can’t believe he’s been in our lives for two years! On the one hand, two whole years is a long time; on the other, it feels like he’s been part of my life for a lot longer. It’s hard to see him growing up so fast, but I know it will be helpful as baby Ellis arrives. For any of you who know Liam, you realize that knowing him is loving him. He is one of the most happy, sweet, gentle, and fun-loving kids you will ever meet (not to mention, intelligent 😉 ). I am so honored that God saw fit for me to be his mom–sometimes I can scarcely take it in.

Okay, it’s on to the celebration! Liam LOVES Thomas the Train (what is it about him?) So, against my personal preferences, we had a Thomas birthday.


My sister, Mariah, found a way cute, more complicated version of this online and I decided to make my own simpler cupcake train.


I drew a paper track for the train to rest on and then attached Oreo cookies to the sides of store-bought cupcakes (that’s right…no time-consuming baking for this pregnant mama!) with peanut butter (Strange? Maybe. But it worked!). A few lettered candles and, bam, we’re done!

Liam LOVED it. Interestingly, Thomas was more tempting to him (slightly) than the cookies and cupcake! He was one patient boy from when he woke up from nap until the party started.

Here are few shots of the birthday boy eating dinner and opening (and enjoying) a few of his gifts:






Cousin Sierra was a great help in teaching Liam how to blow out birthday candles.


And, now, for the long awaited Thomas…


Just the three of us:


Last but not least–the annual kissing picture!


Here are the one year and three week old pictures for reference 🙂



It was a sweet time. Thanks to all the family who were there to celebrate! (We missed you, Buckle, Ton-Ton, Aunt Jena, Chuncle, Uncle Eric, Aunt Rachel, Maggie, and Ben!)


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