Storage is King

As I’ve mentioned before, this room for two doesn’t have much space, so I really have to think through every thing that makes it in there. Today is a continuation of Phase Four by bringing in more color AND storage.

Without further ado, here are the shelves we installed to make room for special gifts Liam has received, some of our own childhood mementos, pictures, etc.


They came from a tall, thin set of shelves, also from my in-laws’ kitchen (are you noticing a pattern?) that we cut in half and painted white to better fit the space in the room.


These happy shelves sit above our “new” changing table (a Craigslist find that I intended to refinish and paint, but whose brass and worn charm grew on me).




And, for practicality’s sake alone, the room’s previous dresser (one of my childhood dressers) moved into Liam’s closet.


There are a few more things to hang on the walls, but the room is almost complete. For the time being, anyway. 😉



A shot of Liam’s “big bed” that we are hoping to transition him to on his second birthday next month.




Here’s Liam’s handmade elephant mobile hanging in the corner. Excuse the poor lighting…my camera and I really aren’t good friends.





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3 responses to “Storage is King

  1. Anonymous

    It really has come together so nicely! What a fun little room for two little kiddos!

  2. Anonymous

    What a happy space! So much love and thought has gone into it. May that room enjoy many delightful moments.
    Jean Selle

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