A Couple of Homemade Decor Projects

Well, it’s on to Phase Four of the nursery makeover! (i.e. getting some color on the walls) The kids’ room is finally shaping up with a few additions of sewing projects!

I debated between making a mobile or a wall hanging for the crib. Here were some of my inspirations from Pinterest:





I knew I wanted the heart pattern, and then I decided that something on the wall rather than a hanging mobile would add more pop to my neutral walls.

In talking with my mom, she suggested something more 3 dimensional and made of fabric instead of plain paper. Her suggestion was fabric with batting in between.

My sweet sister-in-law came over and we got to work! I cut out a template from a piece of paper and then we traced it on the fabric. Next, we ironed the batting in between two scraps of fabric. I sewed around the traced heart and cut out the heart shape with pinking shears (so it wouldn’t fray).

Next, I arranged the hearts in a 4×5 pattern:



I bought a wooden trim at Michael’s and cut it down to the width of the crib. We painted that with the same blue paint as the armoire.

Now, I needed to attach the hearts and trim together so it could hang. I bought some nylon thread, but regular sewing thread would’ve worked well in hindsight. I made a stitch at the top and bottom of each heart (and pulling the thread through the middle of the heart so that it wouldn’t show) and measured approximately 4 inches between each heart. Last, I tied the thread around the trim piece and used command strips to attach it to the wall.





You can see the measurements weren’t perfect, but the beauty of homemade is that it doesn’t have to be perfect!

Next up was something to dress up the window! I wanted some bunting to bring in some color across the blinds instead of drapes, kind of like this:


I opted for a different shape than the scalloped one (not even sure what it’s called). I made another paper template and cut out my traced scrap fabric. Then I bought some orange fabric binding (to tie in those cute little knobs on the armoire) and sewed it all together.



I had to go back and add a few more scraps until I reached my desired length.

Here’s how she looked once I hung it:



The really fun part is that all the of the fabrics used for the banner are a combination of ones Liam’s previous room/bedding and this baby’s heart wall hanging and quilt.

My mom made an absolutely precious quilt and little pillow for this little girl’s crib! She let me use scraps from that for both of my projects.



I think it’s the perfect way to blend the different colors and patterns for a little boy AND girl’s room!



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4 responses to “A Couple of Homemade Decor Projects

  1. Cathye

    Looks great Sami! Good job tying it all together. Love, Nana

  2. Aubrey M.

    Oh, adorable! And I do love that quilt. Your mom did a great job!

  3. laura

    love the hearts! : )

  4. Anonymous

    These hearts are so cute

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