Clean Slate

Well, this weekend has turned into a crazy how-many-projects-can-we-accomplish-in-a-short-amount-of-time weekend! I think the combination of nice weather, willing husband, and pregnant nesting energy is pretty effective!

Thus, I present to you, Phase two: painting the room

When we moved into our house a year and a half ago, Liam’s room (and the hallway) were the only things we didn’t paint. The whole house was painted a sandy tan with a slight pink hue. I wasn’t crazy about it then, but I didn’t have a specific color I wanted and we were already painting every other room. So, it stayed.



Until now.

I wanted a clean slate. It’s not that the previous color wasn’t neutral, but I just wasn’t really a fan. I wanted a more updated neutral: a light gray.

After considering the room’s furniture, accent colors, trim color, hall rug, etc. we settled on Behr’s Silver Drop. And we decided to paint the hallway, too, while we were at it.

The time came when we had a Saturday free and the weather was nice (which couldn’t hurt!), so we dove in head first. Some of Liam’s wonderful relatives, Uncle Buckle and Aunt Merrill helped us out TREMENDOUSLY by taking him to the park for a couple of hours.

Now, for those of you worried for the health of myself and my baby girl, let me assure you that I researched the safety of pregnancy and painting. We bought water-based paint, had windows open and fans going at full speed for good ventilation, and I took frequent breaks outside to get fresh air.


When we started, I was a little disappointed that it looked so white. But I was pleased to see it “gray” up to what we’d imagined as it dried.

Also, Jonathan and I were a little nervous to do the painting alone, because we aren’t avid house painters. As it turns out, though, my husband is quite the cutter (much better than myself)! Who knew? It worked out well, too, because rolling took less time and I was able to spend less time in that part of the house.


From start to finish, the job took us around 6 hours (we prepped and spackled the night before). We moved Liam’s crib to our room for nap time that day, and had to remove the doors (and rehang them on either end of nap) to get it to fit through, but other than that, it was a pretty predictable project.

We ended up only doing one, thick, even coat and used the better part of a gallon (for both the bedroom and hallway). So far, I don’t think we regret it. The coverage looks nice and even to me.

The hallway ended up being the harder of the two projects because of all the crazy nooks and crannies. We think it was worth it, though. It feels so much lighter and roomier.


Some of Jonathan’s nice edging (no painter’s tape here, folks!):


And for another angle of the room:


Ahh, I love it. We’re pretty stoked. Now, we just need to add furniture and stuff on the walls. Just be patient 😉 We’re getting there!

One more thing, you know the nesting energy I was talking about? I wasn’t kidding. After we finished, I made a dinner of cajun honey butter pork tenderloin and green beans in the hour and a half before we went to a game night hosted by some friends of ours. I’m a little insane, I know.

And wait until you hear what we’re up to today…



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4 responses to “Clean Slate

  1. Anonymous

    Looks good. Fresh paint is always a great touch to a new start.

  2. that is a nice color! good job guys!!

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