DIY: Turning a Twin Dust Ruffle into Crib Dust Ruffle

Alright, folks, the holidays have gone and the nesting urge has come! That’s right…it’s baby time!

It’s a good thing, too, because I have a lot to do to get ready for this baby! The biggest item on the agenda: turning my boy’s little bedroom into a room for two (and both for a boy and girl, no less). 🙂

I have thought and fretted a lot about what direction to take things. And although I don’t have a crystal clear picture yet, my vision is coming together. (Thanks in part to Pinterest and their secret boards where I can post varying ideas privately).

Phase one: the bedding

After much consideration, I opted to keep the bumper pads I made for Liam’s nursery. One of my goals is to minimize the amount of work I’m creating for myself. I wanted to soften up the bedding, though, and give it a more feminine touch, also freeing myself up to use some different colors as well.

Here’s the bedding I made for Liam:


And a better shot of the dust ruffle/bed skirt that he had:


After discussing my thoughts with my mom, I decided that a plain, off-white dust ruffle (that matched the background of my polka dot bumper pads) would work best to keep things lighter and open up my color options for other things in the room.

The trouble is, even “standard color” crib dust ruffles can be really hard to come by. I looked online and at Target and Kmart and had no luck (unless I wanted to spend $50-$100). How crazy is that?

So, I checked a few Goodwill stores (without my usual toddler companion). I’ll admit, they don’t exactly make it easy to find stuff, but their prices can’t be beat. 🙂 I didn’t have any luck finding exactly what I was looking for, but I found a nice, simple, off-white dust ruffle for a twin bed and figured I could turn it into what I wanted.

My mom, being the wonderful seamstress that she is, gave me step by step instructions, and I headed home with my $4.99 dust ruffle.

This morning, after washing the thing, I set to work. I was feeling anxious and Liam was being cooperative. 🙂

Here’s what I came home with:


Next, I laid the old dust ruffle on top of the twin sized one, for measuring purposes. I folded one side over to the seam so that I could pin along the matching seams.


Note: the pig fabric was not seen when in use, it’s just scrap fabric, in case you were wondering. 🙂

Next, I cut the fabric across the bottom and right sides, leaving the bottom fabric a 1/4-1/2″ bigger.


Now all I had to do was cut the “ruffle” to fit along the bottom and right sides and sew it back together. (Note: I kept the 1/2″ seam at the top that made the ruffled part ruffled–it also gave me an easy place to sew along.) Here’s how it looked after it was pinned together:


Then, I sewed them together, turning the thin, center fabric under slightly to that it couldn’t fray and fall apart. I also back stitched, of course, at either end.

Now, I needed to create a finished edge for my corners. I actually didn’t want it all in one piece from the sides to the bottom because the crib’s metal framing would be in the way. When I cut my ruffled edge, I left that fabric a little longer (maybe 1/4-1/2″) so that I would have room to fold it over without a gap. Also, it’s important to make sure you fold your seam under so that it will look finished when it’s right side up (i.e. how it will be on the crib).


And here’s how she looked after sewing:


That was it! It was ready for its debut!

The new look of the crib bedding:


Kinda sweet, I think. And a ruffly bed skirt feels more girly to me.

For those of you who were wondering, my dust ruffle only had 3 sides instead of 4 (none at the head of the bed), which I fine by me because there will be some furniture rearranging in our future. Stay tuned. 😉



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3 responses to “DIY: Turning a Twin Dust Ruffle into Crib Dust Ruffle

  1. Anonymous

    Good job! One project down one to go!

  2. got to love Goodwill. Tomorrow will be 1/2 day off sale (being the first Sat. of the month)

  3. Ashley Herod

    Awesome idea! I, too, have struggled with finding an affordable crib skirt this time around. How hard should it be to just find a plain white one?! I had just decided I was going to have to pay $30+ for one. This gives me hope! Thanks!

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