We’re (almost) home repairmen!

Why, hello again. Happy New Year to ya!

So, do you remember my post about loving my little stackable washer/dryer? Well, the dryer went kaput a while ago. The heating element burned out, so it would run and run but not dry the clothes. It was a sad day, but those things happen. And the more you own, the more those things happen.

We did a little asking and researching and decided we wanted to learn how to fix this thing ourselves. The thing is…we aren’t handy, really. But I’m pretty unafraid for us (Jonathan) to try. 😉 We’re learning as we go. Sometimes it can be really encouraging and rewarding.

This, however, is the story of how sometimes that can make things harder.

Here’s how it went:

  • We were pretty sure that knew what part went out (that is, the heating element since the dryer was working but wasn’t heating), so we found a You Tube video that showed us step-by-step how to fix it.
  • We disassembled it (successfully!) and found this:


See where the coil is broken at the top? Pretty obvious that it wouldn’t work if that wasn’t complete. Easy enough.

  • Jonathan bought a new heating coil and installed it (beautifully, I must say).
  • We also bought a longer power cord (10ft rather than the 6ft it had). This is because that little washer/dryer closet has the outlet at the bottom of the wall. Since the dryer sits on top of the washer, it made installation a NIGHTMARE. Trust me. When we moved in, we had to have someone extremely slender sit in the tiny space behind the appliance to be able to plug it in once it was in place. Then, they got pulled out over top of the dern thing. Can you say poor planning of whoever designed that??


Here is how the corner of our den looked for quite a while.

  • Anyway…we plugged the dryer in and tested it–only to have it spark and smoke. We were disappointed, to say the least.
  • We took it apart again and found out that the part we replaced was burned out. AGAIN. Uggh!
  • At this point, we asked around a little more about what could’ve gone wrong. We decided that it was time to pay a professional to finish the job so that we wouldn’t be out another $70 if the part blew again.

Someone came tonight, did the same exact thing we had done and it worked. He was stumped about why it didn’t work out for us. But, he was impressed that Jonathan had gotten that far. At least that made us feel better about the whole thing.

In the end, we spent around $100 for parts, lots of time on labor and stress, 4 weeks with the inconvenience of being dryer-less in the winter (during the holidays, no less), and we could’ve paid a guy to come to our house and fix it for $85. Strange, huh? Oh, well.

The truth is, though, that neither of us feel regret. We’re pretty familiar with the inside of our dryer, at least! It really was a good learning experience.

On the other hand, we are elated to have that thing together, working, and the stupid project finished!


Anybody else have an experience like this? Please, do, share! It will make us feel better 😀




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  1. I am very familiar on not having a dryer…we picked one up for free 6 years ago (on the side of the road). Was old, but functional (even if I do prefer air drying weather permetting).Then at the end of the summer the heating element went out. We wanted to replace it, but never got around to do it. I kept my eyes open for a free or cheap one to buy. 2 months later I found one for $30 on Craigslist…same make and model of the old one…but slightly newer. I don’t think we could have bought a new heating element for that much. Kudos to you for trying!!

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