DIY Crown Moulding

A couple of weeks back, my parents surprised us with the kind of gift that I love: crown moulding for our den.

This idea had been on my wish list since we moved in, when our painting job created a few “oops” spots on the ceiling. We discussed that crown moulding would be the best way to “fix” the mistakes and add value to the room.

But, alas, our to-do list is a mile long, so we had not gotten around to it. Enter, my wonderful parents! Jonathan and my dad got the supplies and called a carpenter friend to get a quick crash course in cutting and installing the stuff. It took a few cuts to get the hang of it, but they ended up doing quite well!

As great a job as they did, there were a few spots that needed some caulk and paint to cover imperfections where the seams didn’t quite match. So, they had someone come and finish the job. It’s been so nice to enjoy a project started and finished in the same weekend.

Here’s the finished product:

Pretty, huh?

Notice anything different? No? Well…we’ve got a trimmer, more desk-like desk in place of our old table. Actually, it’s my childhood desk that doubled as a changing table since the boy was born. It’s out here now because we’re doing some moving and shaking in the nursery. More on that to come 🙂

But, first, here’s how our den looked shortly after moving in:

And, now. (just to remind you)

Still not done, but we’re moving in the right direction! Thanks for the contribution to our den, Mom and Dad!



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2 responses to “DIY Crown Moulding

  1. briana pitt

    It looks great, Sami! I, too, love seeing a project completed. It adds so much to the room!

  2. we watched the guy from “this old house” on you tube on how to cut crown moulding! It came out great. I have some oops on the ceiling too…but I am finishing painting the ceiling…so that is cover. No pun intended

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