Great Expectations

So now you know the reason that I’ve been a little slack with the blog lately! We are happy to say that we are expecting baby #2 in mid-April of next year.

I’ve been opting for naps and nausea-fighting during Liam’s nap time, which is when I usually have the time to work on posts. I’m hoping for a fresh energy soon, though. After all, we need to document our changes to Liam’s nursery as it transforms into a two-kid room! πŸ™‚

I must admit that, when I was pregnant with Liam, I was not one of those who loved pregnancy. I know that sounds terrible, but it’s hard when you have morning sickness the first four months, build up to pre-eclampsia, and end with a somewhat traumatic labor and delivery. Don’t get me wrong, I was grateful to be pregnant, but it was hard to feel sure that it would be worth it the first time around.

Then, I met him.

What’s more, I have lived with–and in doing so, loved– Liam Knox more with each day for the last 19 months.

Becoming a parent does a lot to root out selfishness. Kids are dependent, after all, and they come first. The truth is, though, that God has used my baby to teach me from the time he was conceived. I found pregnancy to be hard, in part, because it made me so aware of my selfishness. I didn’t like not having control over my body. I couldn’t eat how I wanted to, sleep how I needed to, look how I was used to, and I didn’t like what I saw in myself: selfishness. The frustrating thing was, there was really nothing that I could do about the whole process. Except to surrender.

I think that’s what made things a little easier so far this time around. I wouldn’t say I love pregnancy any more, per se, but I do feel more patient. I’m reminded that it’s all worth it. And not just because of the amazing creature coming (whom I will undoubtably fall head over heels in love with), but because God is using such experiences to make my heart as beautiful as that miracle growing inside of me.


Okay…I’ve unintentionally been mentally compiling a list of my “favorite” inconveniences of pregnancy (besides the typical morning sickness, etc). so I thought I’d share them with you. Just for fun πŸ™‚

Top Five “Favorite” Pregnancy Woes:

1. The confusing and discouraging thought, I can’t tell if I’mΒ feelingΒ nausea, hunger, or heart burn.

2. My oversensitivity to scented room sprays, perfumes, shampoos, and my husband’s deodorant.

3. Feeling ready to sleep pretty much all of the time (except from 4 to 6 am. sigh).

4. Getting acne like I’m 15 again. (I will say it’s been better this time around, but a noticeable decline, nonetheless.)

5. How itchy my stomach gets when it’s stretching. (Weird, huh?)

Can anyone who is/has been pregnant relate to any of these? Any other funny ones? Please do share πŸ™‚



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14 responses to “Great Expectations

  1. Rachel

    Love it! I totally relate to your preggo inconveniences but I will add: Oops I coughed (or sneezed) and now I need to change my underwear! And to your #3 Ready to fall asleep at all times but yet this antsy feeling in my legs because I’ve done nothing to wear them out.

  2. Krista Poynter

    So excited for you!

  3. yes #2!!!! …and he thinks I am the only one that has problems with his deodorant. I had bought different ones, to see what I could tolerate…to no avail…

  4. Sami, your insight into the hard parts or pregnancy balanced with the development of a beautiful baby got me emotional this morning πŸ™‚

    I’d have to add headaches, low energy, and constipation as 3 of the worst ones for me (other than the nausea and stuff you mentioned). Also, does anyone else get plagued with bad/weird dreams when expecting? I also want to add that 12 weeks of nausea is deceiving… my 17 week mark yesterday sent me into a throwing up frenzy.

  5. Anonymous

    I had what I call “funky” dreams every time! And unfortunately, fatigue lack of sleep and low energy were worse with each pregnancy because the other children require so much energy. I would lay on the couch and “play” with Nathan and Swsanna. My absolute favorite game was doctor and I was ALWAYS the patient that needed bedrest and hospitalization. ; ) Nana

  6. Ashley Herod

    My face was unusually clear while I was pregnant with both of my girls, but with this one, it has been WORSE than high school. One of the ways I secretly knew it was a boy this time around! πŸ™‚

  7. Lori McGinty

    I can so relate even though my “baby” is nearly 15. Coconut oil on your tummy might help. And a wise man once said that God doesn’t give us children so we can make them into adults. He gives us children so they can make us into adults. That man was Ben Franklin. Congratulations!

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