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Liam Happenings

Speaking of parenting, I was thinking that it’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys on the life of this little goose:

Liam is 18 months old now, and couldn’t be busier! Here are some of his favorite activities these days.

“Driving” the car and doing his “Strong Man”

Liam is all boy. He LOVES cars, trucks, and lawn mowers, and thinks he’s big stuff when he’s sitting in the driver’s seat. We really need to get him a Little Tyke car. He would sit in it for hours.

This kid looks like he will literally pop a vein in his neck when he shows us his “strong man”. It’s so funny and we really don’t know where he got it from. We’ve got some videos of his trick, but I haven’t been able to successfully load videos to WordPress for free.

Running around the house after his bath

It never fails, Super Nakey Boy shows up after every bath. With his towel as a cape, he runs through the house with so much energy! I realize this is common for kids his age, but it’s still cute. Also, note the belly–no wonder it throws off his center of gravity. 😉

Pulling clothes out of my dresser and “helping” me fold laundry

This is probably one of the best (and worst) things about kids. They like to help with everything. And while it can sometimes make frustrate my plans to get things done, it’s definitely a good reminder to find joy in the little things.

Playing with toys…and his pet

Though some of his favorite toys are not toys at all, Liam still loves to play with books, puzzles, his play drum, dupo blocks, and stuffed animals.

SAD NEWS: Lola hasn’t been home in a month. She is an indoor/outdoor cat and has disappeared once before but came home on her own after a week. She disappeared this time when we were out of town overnight. I am so sad, and Liam misses his buddy, but I’ve realized there is only so much you can do to control a cat that roams the outdoors. I’d like to think she is being fed and cared for by a sweet, lonely lady who disregards Lola’s collar and tag. This is the last picture we have of them together–sweet even though Liam doesn’t look too happy.

Feeding himself

Another fun milestone. It amazes me how he can make such a mess, but he sure does love the challenge! He’s also really interested in trying to reach water from the fridge with his little cup (just goes to show you, they’re always watching you).

He’s also really been adding to his vocabulary lately. Oddly enough, he has a slight obsession with letters, particularly “o”.

One thing is for sure, life is fun for a toddler!



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Jonathan and I are first time parents.

I can say without hesitation that last year and a half of our lives has started us on the most challenging and wonderful adventure of our lives. It really is such a joy and a privilege to be Liam’s mom. He’s an amazing kid.

We take our job very seriously, and it’s sobering to think about the impact you can have on a little life. Since we dreamt of having children, but particularly in recent months (as Liam is gaining independence and understanding), we’ve been discussing what sort of parents we want to be (a parenting model, of sorts) and have come across some fantastic resources (Including our own amazing parents!).

One blog that I have encountered is When You Rise. Even though I’m not a very arts-n-crafts kind of personality, she has a lot of great activity ideas to help your children comprehend what you’re saying. What I really love about her, though, is her Gospel-Centered Parenting concept. I knew I really liked this girl’s blog, but I decided I loved it, when I saw her response to this question.

She brings up some thought-provoking questions, like What is the difference between moral parenting and Christian parenting? And that has gotten us thinking, Is having obedient, well-mannered children our end goal?

For us, the answer is a resounding NO.

Do I want my child to be respectful and obedient? Absolutely. But I think if I’m not careful, I can teach my son that the outward appearance is more important than the heart motive. I don’t want him to learn to “pull himself up by his bootstraps”, look within himself, and do better next time. I want him to rely on the God who loves us, died for us, and creates real and lasting change from the inside. It’s subtle (especially in childhood situations), but there’s a difference. God is the One who does it. Not me. Not Daddy. Not Liam.

I’ve also been privileged to be a part of a Moms’ group that meets on a weekly basis. We’re studying a curriculum called Spiritual Parenting. We’re still early in the study, but I’m so encouraged to see a lot of similar themes to what Jonathan and I have been discussing at home.

One of the author’s points is that we should be praying that our children would learn  to 1) discern God’s voice among the many, 2) desire to obey that voice, and 3) do it in God’s power. The more I’ve thought about it, I really agree. God’s goals for Liam are consistent with (and better than!) my own. If my son learns to love God and wants to obey him, he will learn to obey his parents and respect others.

The amazing thing is, if I really let these things sink in, the pressure to be the perfect parent is off me! I just need to direct Liam to God (though that’s not always as simple as it sounds) so that he can experience Him for himself.

I also know that we have a lot more learning to do.

Let it be so.


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A Little DIY Table

I’ve been enjoying a new little end table at our house thanks to some scrap wood and paint we already had 🙂

May I present, the easiest little table anyone could make:


See the bright guy on the side of the couch? Isn’t it fun? I’m not one to name inanimate objects (besides cars), but it almost seems like this guy deserves a name…almost.

I was inspired online (where else?) and thought this would be a fun, fairly easy project that wouldn’t cost us anything! Oh, and practical, too, since we needed an end table after craigslist-ing our end table and matching entertainment center a few months ago.


5 1×6 scraps of wood

tape measurer



table saw (thank goodness for Michael!)

I measured against our couch and decided I wanted the table to be 32″x 22″. My husband and his brother cut the boards to size and then made 45 degree cuts to the side boards for support. They also used a nail gun (which you wouldn’t have to) but it gave it a nice, finished look.

Voila! A table!



It was just great as it was, but I wanted to add some color to it. We have a lot of neutral colors going on in that room (and the table on the left that you can hardly see will eventually be replaced by a desk painted white). Since we were keeping this project free, I decided to use the turquoise that we painted on our front door.

Here it is with primer…


I love the aged wood with all its character (the wood was left outside for a while before starting this project.

…and with paint!


I know it’s a little bold and may not be for everyone, but we love it! I’ve really come to appreciate color in the last few years! I kept with the rustic look by not sanding the wood down before I painted it. I think that’s part of what makes it work.


And it hardly takes up any room!


It’s just enough table surface for the essentials (I know you’re wowed by the high tech remote that matches our high tech TV. What can I say?)

We’re really enjoying it, though. There have been no safety hazards with the boy, either, since it’s pretty well blocked in by the toy box.

Happy Friday, everyone! Who loves weekends?



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