Making the Most of Small Spaces

Why, hello! It’s been a while 🙂

We’ve been busy at our house lately. And while I actually have carved out some time for some small projects, I haven’t done a good job of devoting time to logging them here.

Today’s project is a simple one. I recommend everyone go home and do this. It won’t (likely) cost a cent, and though I didn’t come up with this idea, it is a pretty smart one. (The truth is, all my smart ideas are borrowed!)

You see, I dream of living in a house with ample storage space. But, since I also have a weakness for the character of old places, I doubt those two will meet in my living space (at least not at our current price range!).

Our son Liam’s closet currently doubles as gift wrapping central supply. We’ve shoved boxes, gift bags, tissue paper, bows, and wrapping paper on top of his rotating wardrobe (did anyone ever tell you that kids grow fast?!).

The solution? Four screws and two strings.


Voila! I used to keep all of this in an old laundry bag. Now, we’re making use of pretty unusable space. Plus, I can see all my wrapping paper options at once! Genius, right?

I just estimated about how high and wide I wanted to drill my holes (some of our walls have plaster-like strength). Then, using a screw with a large, flat head, Jonathan left them “out” a few turns so that I’d have room to tie my string (any string would work as long as it can hold a little bit of weight).

That’s it!

Even though it may not solve all of our closet storage problems, this is moving us in the right direction, yeah? I mean, you can hardly see them up there!

Anyone have some smart storage solutions they want to share? I’m always looking for inspiration!




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2 responses to “Making the Most of Small Spaces

  1. I have seen this before…but never done it! I usually just recycle paper bags from the previous years 🙂 My dresser is very unique… in one of the very last pictures in the post is a built in shelf with cardboard boxes from Aldi covered with dropcloth…my dresser! It looks great and is very organized!

  2. I have to do this – next time you’re in town feel free to guilt trip me if I haven’t done it yet 🙂 – Jena

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