Door Drama: Part One

It turns out one of our house projects really became a slightly more complicated ordeal than expected. (Who am I kidding? It really happens with them all!)

So, I present to you, part one of the front door project.

We loved a lot of things about our little ranch house when we moved in, but the front door situation was not one of those things.

It’s hard to tell, because I never took an up-close picture before we tore into it (something I’m learning to do now), so I’ll point out what you may or may not be able to see in this picture: a lovely front door painted a dark, hunter green with matching security door. It could’ve been much worse. It could always be worse. But we weren’t feeling the dark entry with iron bars. A bit prison-like.

I wanted our entry to be open and airy, our house feeling like it extended into our yard . I envisioned sunlight streaming through while Liam and I were playing in the living room.

The plan was simple. Paint the front door something fun and cheerful. Ditch the security door and replace it with a glass storm door. Like I said, simple. Yeah? Well, not for these inexperienced, home-owning, do-it-yourself-ers. I’ve learned that when it comes to house projects (and home ownership in general), expect the unexpected.

Stage one was painting the door. Easiest part. I knew what I wanted. I had an ultimate vision for the exterior of our house…and that included a turquoise door. I got a lot of raised eyebrows, but Jonathan and I were on the same page. We had a vision.

So one Saturday morning a few months back, I decided it was time. I set to work priming our dreary dark door while Jonathan had baby duty (his turn definitely came!) Except for the few drops of oil-based primer that I spilled on our beautiful hardwood floors, I was a happy camper.

Next came the paint. I was slightly less happy at this point. It wasn’t quite the vibrant turquoise I had in mind, but I wasn’t about to paint over my hard work (that day at least)! We decided to wait until we made more progress on the house to decide how we felt. We’re still debating, truthfully. We like it okay.

Things were looking happier at our house! Next item on the agenda was removing the security door. We needed to sell that one so we would have the money to buy the new storm door (told you we’re on a tight budget). We knew it was heavy, but we didn’t know it was heaavvvyyy. Likely original to the house, the plus side was that it added value to the door.

We ended up selling that beast to someone on craigslist for $100. Truthfully, they got a good deal. I just needed that thing gone. No time to wait for the right person who really knew what they were getting.

With the security door frame gone, the complications of our straight forward planning began. But I’ll save that for another post. 🙂

At this point, I grew tired of the mismatched shutters and door. So, one day I borrowed the ladder from the neighbors and took those babies down while Liam napped. I tend to be a little impulsive like that with projects (not much else, though).

Here’s where we stood as of late February. S-L-O-W-L-Y improving!



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6 responses to “Door Drama: Part One

  1. we took our fake shutters down…and never put it back! I love it without it! (plus it does not make sense to me that the fake shutters are just on the front anyway). we also took our glass storm door down and just replace the door with an energy efficient one (a couple of years ago)… and remember…any improvement is better than no improvement!

  2. Andrea Eby

    We took down our fake shutters too and David made some great cottage-type shutters. I absolutely LOVED the changed it made. Can’t wait to see what your vision is. Oh and I love the color of the door. 🙂

  3. Doing good sis. Hoping the next part can come soon so you’ll feel you finished the project.

  4. Hunter green is definitely not one of my favorite things. I think you will be able to do great things with that house. It looks solid! Good luck !

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