(Chalk) Painted Table

The dining room is looking better, folks!

A while ago, I posted about my dining table and chairs heartache. I received some really wonderful ideas and encouragement. To be honest, I still haven’t totally decided which direction to take the chairs. I have done more sanding, and they will be staying yellow. Beyond that, I’m not sure if I want to opt for a more crisp, clean paint job or more of a distressed look (since they’re looking pretty distressed after the additional sanding).

One thing I have decided is that this dining table won’t be forever. While I’m all for doing quality work, I’ll probably want and/or need something new (bigger) within the next 5 years, so I won’t be spending too much time (money) making sure it lasts a lifetime. 🙂

Another thing I have decided (finished, is more like it!) is to refinish the dining table! And I painted it in a pretty non-traditonal way.

Here’s the story:

My friend, Daniela, also has a lovely blog where she posted about homemade chalk paint. The link is: http://frugalaintcheap.blogspot.com/2012/04/1-quart-of-chalk-paint.html  Anyway, I was really intrigued but nervous about if I would like the look on our table. The last thing I wanted was to start over with another project! Daniela recommended that I try it on something small first to get a feel for it before I tackled the whole table.

So, I bought (since I didn’t already own) some climbing chalk. I used her formula to add to my own paint (I had bought $1 paint from the Habitat ReStore for this project last year). Next, I got to sanding. I especially worked on the table top since it had a lot of blemishes and pits.

I decided to go with a standard 11″ roller (not pictured) for the table top, a small foam roller for the legs and edging, and a foam brush for the crevices of the legs. Overall, I was very pleased with the paint consistency. It was difficult to stir thoroughly enough to get all of the chalk bits mixed in but pretty easy going on. With real chalk paint, no sanding or priming is needed. I chose to gamble and not prime my table. Maybe I’ll regret it. We’ll see.

Once I began painting, I had a sneaking suspicion (more like a sinking feeling) that I would not have enough paint for the entire table. I was pretty bent on not buying more paint (and not sure it would color match anyway since I bought it used), so I only worked on the table top.

Jonathan and I discussed some other options that included painting the legs yellow. But once I was staring at the rich, dark color on the table, I knew yellow legs would look funny. All or nothing, baby! It was worth the $10 risk. (I know, I can be stingy!)

I brought it home from the home improvement store without high hopes. It looked a lot lighter in the can. When I painted a small amount over the already painted brown (in an inconspicuous spot, of course), it didn’t look like it was gonna work…at all. But then it dried. I also think the chalk changed the color tone a tad as well.

Here’s what it looked like once I completed the legs:

I unscrewed the legs a bit to make sure I got full coverage where the legs meet the table.

After a few tops coats of polyurethane, things were looking good!

Okay, just for the full effect, let’s do the before first:

…and the after:

I’m amazed how much more encouraged I feel about completing the chairs since I did the table. Who knows, I may have regrets with the paint/lack of primer/etc. but I’ll let ya know how I’m feeling as time goes on.

I think I love it!



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7 responses to “(Chalk) Painted Table

  1. L-O-V-E IT!!! I like the color of the chairs with the color of the table! The chalk should make the paint stick better. Have not done a big project yet, but saw several that did with the homemade version of chalk paint!

  2. The colors look really good together and it looks like you have completely new furniture in your dining room. It will fun to see the house again after all your great improvements.

  3. Andrea Eby

    It looks fantastic, Sami! I just painted and distressed an armoire for our bedroom and I LOVE the finished product. We should go into business together! Hahaha! 🙂

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