Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been reintroduced to a familiar enemy of mine: comparison.

My life is not so exciting, you see. I’m a stay-at-home mom (even though I work as a nurse one day a week). The highlight of our day is often heading to the grocery store or post office. See what I mean?

We are making lots of friends in our new community, but I don’t usually have a friend that I see on a daily-or even weekly-basis. I’ve never been one to have a friend with which I do everything. I go to the bathroom by myself even when I’m with other women (except now, Liam usually joins me out of necessity). I guess I’m an independent girl.

The thing is, sometimes when I’m on Facebook  or Pinterest or someone’s blog, I start to believe that I’m the only one without an exciting life. What’s worse, those social mediums can start to become the standard whereby I measure my personal value.

I don’t have as many friends as so-and-so.

I must not be having as much fun as that person because I’m just not as fun of a person.

So-and-so has the coolest…everything!

How come I can’t go on as many trips as that person?

See how destructive that can be to my contentedness? Maybe I’m the only one who thinks silly things like that, but those thoughts can become the constant subliminal messages swimming in my head until I realize that I feel like I’m going to drown in despair.

That’s why sometimes I need the willpower to unplug for a while. I need to experience life as more than a means of posting things for the world to see. When we moved into our house last year, we ended up without internet for weeks, and you know what? It was sorta refreshing. Just like how we don’t have cable anymore (because our budget wouldn’t allow for it). I think I need that stuff until I don’t have it. And then I realize I live a little more fully when I don’t have it.

I want to spend a day with my family and feel happy because it made me happy and not because of how many people commented about it on Facebook. I want to read a book that speaks to me without considering how popular it is in the world today. You see, I am more than the sum of the online postings of my life. And I’ve found that sometimes I need a little space from all of that to remind me of who I am.

It doesn’t really matter if someone else has more friends than I do. All I have to do is remain faithful to the friends God has put in my life.

I have this deep, dark fear about not being fun enough. But the truth is, different people find different things fun. Who can really set the standard for someone else?

I may not have a lot of money (or the best taste, for that matter) to buy the coolest “everything”, but I’m not fulfilled by that stuff anyway.

Travel is something I love, and have been blessed enough to do, but there are seasons to things. Small children and travel don’t always mix well, anyway. I can wait. There is more to my life than the right now.

I recently saw this (ironically) on the the internet.

I think it’s true. My life will look better the less I focus on how my life is not someone else’s life.

I’m free to be me. And enjoy my life because it’s what has been given to me.



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5 responses to “Unplugged

  1. I just love this post! You know, a lot of time I wonder if people are really enjoying their time at the restaurant, or vacation…because it looks like they are constantly checking in somewhere, posting pictures and stuff…I like to unplug from all the extra…the distractions. I wonder how we did back then, when others didn’t know what we were having for dinner, how many time we eat out in a week or go to a certain place. Is’t that funny how things change?

  2. Anonymous

    You know what Sami? God gave you Jonathan and Liam at this stage of life. It doesn’t matter what anyone else has or what anyone else is doing. As long as you “cultivate” your family in Christian values and be present to them, the rest of the world will still be there when Liam,and maybe a few others, leave. Enjoy your time with them, because you can never get it back. Pinterest and the internet will still be there, but your son will move on. Enjoy where you are in life. Lots of love, Nana

  3. What a great post, Sami! And what great self-awareness!! Kudos! And Kudos to being able to step back and get the proper perspective. I totally agree that different people have different definitions of fun. You are my kind of fun, my friend! 🙂 Sometimes it is hard not to compare, esp. in the season of life that you are in. (Well, it is a temptation in all of the other seasons, too.) May your (and my) identity always remain in Christ alone. You are a precious daughter of Christ and your inheritance is in Him. Now, that is pretty exciting!!!

  4. Merrill

    You pinned the other day: “comparison is the thief of joy” and that really stuck with me. So true! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. jzkuban

    Loved this and Im right there with you!! I struggle often with people not thinking Im “fun enough” and all of those things you mentioned. You are certainly not the only one with those thoughts!! Thanks for not pretending and choosing refreshing honesty!

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