We went to the zoo!

Today, Liam had his first visit to the zoo!

For his first birthday, Omi and Abi gave him a year membership to Grassmere. Or rather, a membership for the rest of us since, though he has free admission, he can’t drive himself there. Let’s be real, though. He’s never going to drive. I had a talk with him, and he agreed that one year old is as big as he’s gonna get.

Sadly, there was rain on his first trip, but that’s the beauty of a membership! It’s not a wasted trip 🙂

Here he is feeling big standing up against the glass of the fish tank.

Watching an iguana swimming in the water.

Liam made a friend who took a real interest in him. And by that, I mean she took a real interest in petting his head over and over.

Liam with his faceless friend.

He had difficulty noticing anything that wasn’t moving a lot. So, he loved the bats!

Enjoying the bats with Omi.

Oh, and there was this really creepy alligator just sitting there smiling at me. Creepy with a capital CREEP. Not a good picture, but if you can see him, you know what I’m talking about.


Liam and Abi reading some placards.

Thankfully, the rain stopped in time for us to make a little trip to the petting zoo. Liam preferred to watch.

We tried to get Liam to pet the goat. Yeah...not so much.

Camels! Poor guys were pretty matted and yucky from the rain.

Monkeys (NOT at the petting zoo)

Mimicking the "oo-oo, ahh-ahh" monkey sounds.

Thanks to Omi and Abi for a fun birthday present that will last all year!

Camel, Omi, Liam, Abi


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  1. Hopefully Sierra can go with her cousin, Liam, to the zoo next time we are in town. Hugs!

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