Game On

As mentioned in my “about me” section, I love to play games! The funny thing is, I hardly ever win. I’m not a very competitive person. I enjoy the process of the game–and being with family and friends–more than the actual outcome.

We recently learned a new game from my brother and sister-in-law called Monopoly Deal. I highly recommend it. Great fun. But I noticed that I don’t really like the action cards that “hurt” people. I want to win without infringing on others’ hard work to win as well. Which is probably why I rarely win.

I felt uncomfortable watching the Super Bowl this year because I knew both teams wanted to win so badly. I don’t even care about football, really. But, it kinda upset me that the outcome could only be that one team would win. The other would be completely devastated. I hate that.

When I was a kid, we always had to participate in sports (a fact for which I’m now grateful to my parents). I was not an athletic kid. Really. I quit soccer when I found out I could work the concession stand and make twenty bucks on a Saturday. I was on a basketball team for only one season and the one time I got the ball during a game, I panicked and hurriedly passed it off to another player. Promising career, I know.

I often chose the sports I participated in based on the amount of sweat (or lack thereof) that I would incur, or feel that I was incurring, at least. Swimming and ballet were winners.

At my swim meets as a child, I could not be hurried. It didn’t matter that I was in a race. I needed to stop after each lap because my goggles were fogging. I’m totally serious. Form was there, speed was not. Synchronized swimming would have been perfect if my school had offered it.

For this reason, it is a miracle that I have picked up running over the last few years. I always hated running. I remember the first time I ran 0.8 miles without stopping. I was ecstatic! I have actually come to the point where I enjoy running. Sometimes, anyway. But don’t take that to mean that I want to be pushed.

My husband used to go running with me when I started out. Poor guy. He would run circles around me (literally). I was fine with that, but when other runners (middle-aged ladies) would pass us on a run, Jonathan would say, Come on! They’re beating us! I don’t care! I’m tired, out of breath…and running uphill! What more do you want from me?

I am happy to say that I ran my first 5K last November! I don’t know what my time was. Don’t really care, honestly. But, it felt good to complete, and I hope it won’t be the last one I run.

Last weekend, we went to Chattanooga to watch my sister and her husband run in the Scenic City half marathon (their second half). She tried to convince me to train and run it with them (with only a month’s notice, I might add). Ha!

I will say it’s incredibly inspiring to cheer people on in a race, though. I caught myself getting teary-eyed without knowing why. It’s so neat to watch people strain and struggle to accomplish something that is difficult but worth the pain.

I guess I’m an encourager more than a competitor, but it takes all kinds to make up the world, right?

Oh, and if you want to play a game sometime, let me know. I’ll be there!


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  1. I’m right there with you Sami! I LOVE to play games, but enjoy the fellowship much more that the competition. If the folks I’m playing a game with want to win so badly, I say let ’em…especially if it will bring them that much joy! 😉

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