First, I wanted to apologize for being MIA for a while (my goal has been to post every 5-7 days), but, then, I remembered my post on resolutions. So, I’m not sorry. I guess.

Just to make myself feel better, though, I want to explain that it looks like our Mac finally bit the dust. 😦 We knew it was coming but still feel unprepared. I’ll keep you posted on that. (I know where our tax refund will be going this year!) Besides that, the sad truth is that I’ve had difficulty figuring out how to log into wordpress from another site so that I could write a post. Don’t laugh. I never claimed to be good with computers. Let me just say that my sweet husband left his little Toshiba Netbook (or whatever it’s called) at home so I could still have a computer. It has only taken me, oh…20 minutes or so to write this much because it keeps freezing. Oh how I miss our Mac!


I’ve been thinking a lot about redemption lately, and I figured since it’s Valentine’s Day today, it would be an opportune time to write about it.

Redemption happens to be one of the things I love most about God. And I believe it is His most favorite thing to do. There is so much of it in the Bible. Truthfully, it is the gospel.

Sometimes I think it’s hard to believe in, though, when we look at the world around us. Oh sure, as Christians we wouldn’t want to say that. We don’t want to admit that we have real and deep doubts sometimes. But real life…real people are messy, messy things with dirt and pain and brokenness all over. It can be scary to hope for change. We know that we don’t have what it takes.

Here’s the thing that bothers me about the way our culture encourages us to “embrace who we are” and that “there is no real right or wrong”. I sure as heck know that I don’t have it all together. There are certainly parts of me that I should not be embracing. I know that some of the things I do are wrong. And I think that when I refuse to face that reality, I’m really denying God the opportunity to work His redeeming love in me.

I have experienced what can only be described as a redemptive power in my life (on more than one occasion). Let me back up. I’ve walked in a few sobering situations in my life. I have felt overcome with hopelessness. I know how it feels to lose control (or, rather, realize that I was kidding myself into believing that I ever had control). I remember not knowing which way was up anymore. I’ve cried and prayed and thought certain things in life were never going to change.

I know that redemption isn’t something that I have the power to accomplish. But that doesn’t mean it that it doesn’t exist. Even as I write this, I’m choking back  tears remembering where I once was and where I am today.

God is making all things new. Even the things that you think to yourself…except for that. Even that. Especially that. He is able. And He is doing it. One day we’ll all see it, and it will be beautiful.

I’m reminded of this truth as I look outside this winter: everything must die before it can come back to life.

“The joy of seeing something hopelessly dead brought to life is the greatest joy we can know.” Stormie O’Martian

**P.S. I’d be happy to share my story(ies) with anybody who’s curious. In fact, I rather love talking about what has happened in my life. Maybe one day I’ll post some of it. Maybe.



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3 responses to “Redemption

  1. Beautiful, Sami! Just beautiful.
    Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’m coming up on posting, oh, twice in the past YEAR, so you’re doing juuuuuuust fine! 🙂

  2. Beautiful post Sami…I couldn’t agree more. Redemption is the action the Father took from His complete and total love for us, His creation. He couldn’t stand to be separated from us, so He brought us to Him through Jesus. It’s such a beautiful, unbelievable realization. Thanks so much for gathering your thoughts on paper; and I am one who’d love to hear more. 😉

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