DIY Jewelry Rack

Okay…the long awaited homemade Jewelry Rack…for me, anyway 🙂

It all started with this frame.

I was having second thoughts about giving away/throwing away this old frame because it had housed my baby pictures for so many years, but the glass had broken and the matting was yellowed.

I never took a picture of it while it was still assembled, but here are the baby pictures of yours truly:

All I can say is that if Liam looks like me, he's a much cuter version of me as a baby!

Anyway, I was looking to buy a jewelry rack for the wall, and then inspiration hit! Talk about upcycling! I knew what I wanted, more or less, but I wanted to see what other people had done so I looked up jewelry racks on Pinterest. Ahh, Pinterest.

Without further ado, here is how I made my very own jewelry rack for…67 cents, I might add!!

The supplies included:

the frame

sand paper

spray paint/primer

wooden dowel (the only thing that I did not already have)


felt (and hot glue gun to attach it to the frame)

First, I sanded the frame. It had a little bit of a glossy finish, and I wanted the paint to stick.

Next, I bought the smallest wooden dowel I could find at Home Depot (this is where the 67cents comes in) and cut it into pieces the width of the frame. It happened to fit rather nicely into the grove where the glass pane used to sit, so then all I had to do was put a little glue on either end of the dowels to “seal the deal”. Haha. Get it??

Now on the painting! First, the primer spray paint (I forgot to take a picture) and then, the white spray paint. It didn’t have the polished finish that I was hoping for, but I decided I was okay with more of a rustic, antique-y look.

So, the dowels would work nicely for all of my dangling earrings, which is the majority of my jewelry. And, I have a little box on my dresser for my stud earrings. However, I have a few necklaces. Originally, I was going to put a wooden knob on the front side of the frame, but the frame was too narrow for that.That’s where the hook on the left comes in.  In the end, I added a hook to each side, just for good measure.

The other problem with my design was that I needed more space between the dowels and the wall (once it was hanging on the wall, that is). Also, I didn’t want the frame to scratch our walls. Enter, felt. Two birds, one stone. I just put felt on layer by layer until I reached the desired thickness.

No idea why the gray felt looks like steel wool. It's soft, actually.

Aaannnnddd, Voila! Finished product!

There she is, nestled between the two closets in our bedroom, hanging above the hamper.

Lessons Learned:

I am a total amateur with all this craft business, so I thought I’d share the things I would do differently next time around:

I wish I had spaced the dowels out a little more (for my bigger earrings)

There’s no need to have all that empty space at the top of the frame, so I would start the first dowel up higher

I should’ve measured the distance for the hooks (instead of eyeballing it) on the sides so that it was completely even

Better yet, I would put one hook significantly higher than the other so I could avoid exact measurements altogether

In other news, I also recovered my big pillows in the den!

I’m really happy with how they turned out, and I think the orange is a cheery addition to the bed!



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6 responses to “DIY Jewelry Rack

  1. Andrea Eby

    Super cute! Pinterest has revolutionized my life too! 🙂

  2. Anna

    Looks great, Sami! Here’s a thought for the space at the top… you could screw in 4 or so hooks (mini versions of what you used for your necklaces) into the bottom of the top of the frame to take advantage of that unused space.

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