Liam and Lola Outtakes

Jonathan and I have had three cats since we’ve been married. That was our compromise since I didn’t want the responsibility and Jonathan wanted a dog (he has a real weakness for anything furry and newborn). We’ve already had to put two of these kitties down: Arthur, a few months after we got him, and then Finnegan, two and a half years later. They were both great cats. Very sad. Not a great track record, I know (we fed them, I promise).

The third cat is Lola, our little runt. We brought her home around Thanksgiving in 2009. My sister, Jena, found two little babies on the street in a metal cage and brought them home. She convinced me to take one kitten, already dubbed Lola, and she would keep her litter mate, Luna.

Lola has always been a bit scrawny, so it is comical that she has been the last one standing. She even has fattened up (fluffed up, is more like it) in recent months.

Liam has come to take a real interest in Lola ever since, well…he started noticing anything around him, really. And Lola thinks she wants attention from him until she remembers what gentle means for Liam. So she tolerates him.

Here are some pictures of the little buddies together:

Just chillin' together on the changing table.

This is right before Lola gave Liam a "love bite" and he cried. I deleted that picture.

Here, we have a typical scenario of how they behave together:

Lola snuggles up and begs for some attention.

Liam gets a little "aggressive" when she tries to escape. The hand...Liam, inappropriate.

He takes his anger about Mommy's rebuke out on Lola.

Liam decides it's time to wrestle!

And now he praises himself for a job well done. Such a patient cat, that Lola.

While they may have a love/hate relationship, I know they would miss the company if they didn’t have each other. Kids and animals make good friends. 🙂

It's Lola's turn to steal the show!



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6 responses to “Liam and Lola Outtakes

  1. Rachel

    If that shirt says “Thankful for Mommy” and was a Thanksgiving shirt, Noah had that as well!!

  2. Heidi

    Thank you for making me smile! So sweet .)

  3. The sequence shots crack me up. I love it! Lola would always run away from Sierra and her attention seeking so we’ll see how the next visit goes. Glad they have each other as buddies. 🙂

  4. briana pitt

    aww, Sami!! this is awesome. Lola seems like such a sweet cat! We have Dixie, and your descriptions sound soooo very similar to Beckham’s relationship with her. I have to say, though, that Lola is a lot more patient!!! The very fact that she comes and voluntarily sits next to Liam is a 10 on my “wow” spectrum. At this point, if Beckham can get Dixie to stay put for a minute or two after “he finds her”, then it’s a good day. 🙂

  5. Libby

    Sweetness… 🙂

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