DIY Pillow Covers

The rain and humidity the last few days has prevented me from completing my jewelry rack. ­čśŽ So, I thought I would post a bonus DIY project (errr…I mean the FIRST DIY project on this blog): DIY decorative pillow covers!

I sort of stumbled upon this project the other day. See, we have a bed in our den, designed to function as a couch. (You may not have been able to tell because it’s disguised so well, but it’s the big thing in the corner.)

Sometimes, the bed/couch irritates me a little, because, well, it looks like a bed in the den, and it can be awkward to sit on comfortably. I tried to help both problems by putting plenty of pillows on it. But, alas, I didn’t have pillow shams that I liked or that matched. I’ve been in search of some pillow covers for a while, but they can be expensive (even on clearance) and our budget didn’t exactly allow for that kind of “splurge”.

So, whenever I’m at a store, I like to look at their fabrics, including shams, tablecloths, sheets, etc. to see if I can get inspired.

The other day at Target, it finally came together!

My friend, Liz, had showed me the coolest trick a few months ago for turning a placemat into a decorative pillow. So awesome (not to mention, cost effective and easy)! All you do is use a seam-ripper to open one side on the placemat, then stuff it, and re-sew that side closed again. Genius!!

I was perusing the sales at the placemat and tablecloth section, when I noticed they also had super fun table runners on clearance as well. Then I thought, I wonder if I could use the table runner as a pillow cover for the body pillow on the bed in the den?

I totally wasn’t expecting it, so I hadn’t even taken any measurements or anything, but decided to give it a shot and just return it later if the sizing was way off. I bought one table runner ($12 and some odd change) and one corresponding placemat ($2 and some odd change).

Guess what? It worked! Or, I made it work, anyway, because I was so excited about it! I will say that another 0.5-1″ in width would have really fit a lot better (and made it a ton┬áeasier to stuff).

After using some elbow grease to stuff a regular-sized pillow into that little placemat, I stitched it back together, and Voila! Homemade decorative pillow in minutes!

As for the table runner, it was plenty long, so I just cut off the end, and…wait for it…made it into another┬ádecorative pillow! I don’t even know where these creative juices came from!!

Here is the finished product! So easy. And likely cheaper than it would’ve been if I bought straight fabric with this much personality. The next step: recovering the big pillows on either end with something that coordinates. I’m excited!

The best part of all? I had a Target gift card from Christmas for $15, so it was F-R-E-E!



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7 responses to “DIY Pillow Covers

  1. Rachel

    Love it Sami!!! I might be stealing that in the near future. I just need time to sew!

  2. Sarah Canada


    You should see if you can find a twin duvet cover to put around the mattress in lieu of a spread to give it a clean look and make it look more like a sitting area than a bed. You may be able to find something inexpensive somewhere like target, tj, marshals, etc to stay within you budget ­čÖé Just a thought!

  3. Sarah Canada

    Oh, and your pillows are very cute by the way!! I’m so impressed!

  4. awesome awesome awesome!!! looks really good too.

  5. Karen Livingston

    I really love that your blogging now! Great thoughts and Great Ideas! Cant wait for more!

  6. Anna

    Great idea, Sami!

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